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Dedicated Professionals


Fariba Arab
CEO & Founder

Teammates & Co-Workers


Farzad Hasani
Executive Manager

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Writer,Freelance Journalist


Independent Documentary director

ALI KALANTARI. 2jpeg.jpeg

Ali Kalantari

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Ali Kalantari started filmmaking by producing three short films and writing some scenarios for short films. He received the Obeid Zakani Award as a third prize-winner in Iranian satire festival before he abandoned his studies in Conservation Studies (Historic Buildings).

YASER 3.jpg

Yaser Talebi
Director, Producer, Screenwriter,& Editor

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Yaser Talebi, Born in a Northern city in Iran in 1982, is a film director, producer, screenwriter, and editor who has also made his name as a creative director.


Farzin Gharahgozloo
Composer & Musician

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Farzin is a professional film and television composer.He started his career in cinema

His first work in professional cinema was composing the film "Boss" directed by Masoud Kimiaei in 2006.


Nasrin Mohammadpour
Writer & Director

 Cinema graduate

 Women and Cinema activist


Farzaneh Fathi
Poet & Director

Farzaneh Fathi is an Iranian poet and woman documentary film director. 
Most of her films are about Iranian people.
"It's Still Autumn" is her first film as director , but she cooperated with many directors as the writer of documentary films.

Mehdi Khalili.jpeg

Mehdi Khalili
Actor,Narrator &Host

Mehdi Khalili is an actor, narrator and host of travel documentaries from Iran. 
His travel documentaries have countless audiences in Iran.

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