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“I Won’t Remain Alone” has won the award for best short documentary at the 38th Tehran International Short Film Festival.


فیلم مستند تنها نخواهم ماند بهترين فيلم مستند بخش بين الملل سی و  هشتمين جشنواره بين المللي فيلم كوتاه تهران شد




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Religion Today 2021:

dialogue through cinema triumphs on the podium of the 24th edition

Wednesday, September 29, 2021
In Madonna di Campiglio, the award ceremony of an edition with a record of events, rewarded by the participation of a large audience

On Wednesday morning, on the notes of the Piedmontese singer-songwriter Barbara Monte accompanied by Valerio Carboni, in Madonna di Campiglio at the foot of the Dolomites, the award ceremony of the XXIV edition of Religion Today Film Festival "Nomads in the faith", dedicated to travel and pilgrimage, with special attention to Afghanistan.

At the Malga Montagnoli restaurant, in Madonna di Campiglio, "Esau", by the Israeli Pavel Lungin, a modern reinterpretation of the biblical story of Jacob and Esau in the book of Genesis, was awarded as the best film in competition, while the Iranian "Holy Bread ”, By Rahim Zabihi, was named best documentary. Zabihi talks about the extremely dangerous work of the Kurdish "kulbar", workers who transport goods across the Iranian border to support their families, risking their lives every day

Iran was also on the podium for the best short documentary, with "I won’t remain alone" by Yaser Talebi.

The prize for the best short film went to the German “Diversity”, by Martina Huismann and Marc Eggers.

The "Grand Prize in the Spirit of Faith" earned by Yelena Popovic's "Men of God", produced in the United States, tells the story of the Greek Orthodox bishop San Nectario of Aegina.

The numerous juries testify to the richness of Religion Today's partnerships, which are expanding from edition to edition: the jury of the Pontifical Salesian University, the jury of the Conservatorio Musicale F.A. Bonporti of Trento, the jury of the Diocesan Missionary and Pastoral Migration Center, the Arco jury “With the Eyes of a Woman,” the CinemAMoRE jury and the Forum for Peace and Human Rights jury.

The "In the Spirit of the Dolomites" prize was awarded to the Italian documentary "We have been here for twenty years", by Sandro Bozzolo, which tells of the cultural and religious pluralism that over the last two decades has redesigned Italian Alpine societies, in an unprecedented intertwining of life between natives and migrants, between faiths and cultures near and far, reveals the multiple changes generated by globalization.

The “Signis” award, a recognition given by the Jury promoted by the World Catholic Association for Communication, went to “Neighbors” in Mano Khali, Switzerland: it is the story of a Kurdish child who lives between Syria and Turkey.

"It was a Festival in which the desire to start over was clearly seen on the part of the people, who filled the tent in Piazza Fiera and the cinemas", says Alberto Beltrami, president of the Bianconero Association, which organizes the Religion every year Today Film Festival

"There were many forms of art presented, numerous and talented artists and the staff of young workers, volunteers and trainees of Religion Today were very valuable. Now we await the 25th edition, with an even greater desire for encounter and dialogue. "

"This edition has given us great satisfaction, starting from the valleys and the new locations of the Festival, Baselga di Pinè, Lavarone and Oies, which gathered a large audience, participating and also interested in the dialogue with the directors and with the staff of Religion Today ”explains the artistic director of the Film Festival, Andrea Morghen, who continues“ It was an extraordinary edition: we have never done so many events and it lasted not a week, but ten days. The organizational effort was enormous but now we are really happy. It was wonderful to conclude on Tuesday in Bolzano, in front of 100 young people aged 14 to 29, with the award ceremony of the Film for our Future jury; eight of them were also involved by the jury in choosing the winner ”.

Poster I won’t remain alone Movie.jpg

The best doc on survival of indigenous peoples


The documentary follows Sorayya and Seyed Jalal, a poor, elderly couple residing in a remote village in Northern Iran. Filmed over the course of 5 years, the film paints pictures of forgiveness, love, humanity and immortality.

It has received a nomination in the best short doc category of the festival, which will take place in the southwestern Estonian resort city of Parnu from July 12 to 25.

In addition, “The Fabric”, a co-production between Iran and Germany by Iman Behruzi has been nominated for the award for best student doc.

The Parnu festival founded in 1987 is the oldest film festival in Estonia.

The aim of the festival, in general, is to support the cultural survival of peoples. Only documentary films featuring human activities in social, historical or ecological context are accepted for competition screenings.

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